土曜日, 5月 17, 2014

Money Matters

I'm turning 30 next year. Neither old nor young. Not middle-age either.

I'm sharing my thoughts about money saving and future planning. This includes retirement.

It may not apply to you, but you can use it as reference for your own financial guide.

Divide your salary is important. I take Gross Salary as a guide.
20% CPF
20% for parents (good for you if you can save this portion up)
20%-25% savings + insurance
10%-15% Household (Utilities Bill, S&CC, Property Tax, Internet Subscription, Home phone line, Paid-TV, Groceries, Maintenance and Servicing Budget)
25% Expenses

If you are single, "household" probably dun apply to you. Thus saving them up for a future house, wedding, or travel will be awesome plan
If you have a car, i assuming abt 15%-30% of your gross salary will go to car installment, road tax, insurance, petrol, parking fees, maintenance & Servicing.

I believe in diversifing my savings. I spilt them into 4 factors
a) Cash
b) Insurance
c) Investment/Shares
d) Gold

The lowest risk of all is Cash. Keeping the money in bank accounts or FD accounts.
Pros : you can get your money out anytime without any capital loss.
Cons : they dun make much money for you.
A typical FD interest rate is less than 1%. Some banks may offer abit more with some promotion, but generally the $ is low. However, we need this cash component as we may need money anytime

Living in SG = have cpf. I used medisave to cover my hospitalisation insurance. It is a must. Buy b4 regrets.
If you have extra cash and/or not in very very pink of health, i suggest you get the full coverage so that you dun need to pay co-insurance and deductible. The extra cash need is little. Few hundred bucks per year. It is worthy.
Life insurance is not in my consideration. Thus when i look for insurance, i focus on 2 pts
- provide my dependent $ when i die and they are too young/old to fed themselves
- option of surrender at old age so that i can withdraw $ to spend during retirement
I'm not sure how much is a good amount to cover myself. For now, i think that $100k per dependent will be minimum. (Considering that my hubby can fed them too)
Pros : Protection
Cons : More money returns than Cash but lesser than Shares

This has the highest risk amount the 4 factors mention above. The cash spend here must be extra cash. It is important that the money can be "thrown in" for a long period of time. In general, there are 2 types of gain. Capital gain VS Dividend gain. My hubby likes the former and i prefer the latter. Capital gain may be faster income but more attention needed. Dividend gain is more suitable for me. In general, a gain of 5% - 10% can happen depending on your portfolio and the market trend.
Pros : Make the most money for you... if you are lucky... or skilled
Cons : Highest Risk

This sounds the most oldie of all investment, but buying them at their lowest cost and selling them at highest price will bring in a good profit.
Some ppl prefer to buy paper gold. Personally i believe in buying physical gold as i cannot foresee the future.
Physical gold is the only thing we can butter-trade in hard time. There is no guaranteed world peace, so this serves as another way of protection.
Pros : Can butter trade during war time and can also bring profit during good times
Cons : Most troublesome.. imho

3. Do your retirement planning while you are young.

火曜日, 5月 06, 2014


As usual, my updates always come with a current schedule

Monday: Meet Friends or Hikki at home coz monday blue
Tuesday: Meet Friends/ Once a month Pedicure (Manicure for events)
Wednesday: Hot Yoga and Laundry Day
Thursday: JP Lesson Day
Friday: Steak Day / Parent & In-Law Day / Special Laundry Day
Saturday: Lazy Breakfast > Home Clean Up > Swimming / At times meet friends or go to either parent or in-law house
Sunday: Morning Yoga > Food Preparation > Laundry Day > Herbal Tea Making

Health Screening on 19 May.. I hope everything will be good. =)

Our Anniversary Celebration is simple. Woke up to see roses that my hubby promise to deliver on every anniversary. Yes, i dun ask for it on v.day or bday. but is a must for wedding anniversary. =)
Then we had lunch at Le Amis coz i love french food. Finally one down out of the 4 restaurant in SG that was listed in world's top 100 restaurant. =)

I decide to add a new milestone in my life this year. Will report back here again once all is confirm =)

My hubby and i are getting very lazy because of the hot weather. On the other hand, i have also get sleepy very often compared to previously. As a result we fail to go tree top even after all the planning i did previously. =(

金曜日, 3月 07, 2014

2014 - my new time-table.

Some achievements/updates

1) I have not take cab to work since the start of 2014
2) Started on Japanese Advance Class - Skip Pre-advanced class
3) Pass JLPTN4 with full marks for listening
4) Started Yoga.
5) Took a to-fro plane by myself.

My Jan/Feb 2014 schedule

Monday: Meet Friends
Tuesday: Meet Friends / Once a month Pedicure (Manicure for events)
Wednesday: Laundry Day
Thursday: JP Lesson Day
Friday: Steak Day / Special Laundry Day / Parent & In-Law Day
Saturday: Home Clean Up + Swimming
Sunday: Food Preparation

March 2014 onwards schedule

Monday: Normal Yoga
Tuesday: Meet Friends/ Once a month Pedicure (Manicure for events)
Wednesday: Hot Yoga and/or Laundry Day
Thursday: JP Lesson Day
Friday: Steak Day / Parent & In-Law Day / Special Laundry Day
Saturday: Home Clean Up + Swimming / Some other activities
Sunday: Food Preparation + Laundry Day + Herbal Tea Making


I'm making lesser herbal tea recently though the weather is hot.
Last 2 months weather is cold so i din make herbal tea.
That probably explains why my hubby eczema gets bad.
Shall try to make for him this weekend if possible.

Real Yoga has a new branch in TPY so i have tried 2 trial with miyabi.
We have signed up as a couple as it is cheaper.
But i think we are unlikely to go together due to different schedule but we will probably see each other some time during impromptu session.

I have arrange some activities with my hubby to prevent us from lazing too much at home. March activty will be mini-hiking to treetop. Though simple and nearby, i know we will not go if we never plan.
What shall we do for April? We have not been to Garden by the bay before. So maybe, shall we?

I just came back from Hong Kong .... broke. Spend more than SGD$2k over 3D2N. That does not includes flight. Accommodation is free though. Eating in HK is very cheap, as long as you dun go Michelin restaurant and such. So shopping is the most expensive thing. I have went in the whole season so no much clothes to shop, but i burst my wallet by getting a bag and a wallet. =P

木曜日, 1月 02, 2014

End of 2013. Welcome 2014.

Reflecting on 2013. Bye Bye

2013 is the 1st year that i'm celebrating CNY in my new house. I enjoyed it. Finally the year with no cooking and no washing. I used to hate CNY. But now, apart from the money to part with(Ang Bao etc), i love this holiday. Organised a CNY party at my house.

I became even more health conscious. Supplements for my hubby, regular checkup for both of us. Turning 30 in 2y time. I know i have to start taking care of my health before anyone knows how bad it can be. I took on the medical checkup from my office and always top for some extra checks. Better be safe than to be sorry. Early detection equals to life-saving.

I decided not to change company for the time being. Alot of reasons, health is one of them. Till i nurse myself well enough to move on, i will be in same co.

Slightly lesser quarrels compared to 2012. But there are a few big fights thought. Things get better towards end of the year. Especially last 2 months, where he supported me during bad health and our bonding during the few days leave for Spring Cleaning.

Started to take care of my mil's health. In charge of getting supplements for her. Went over to mil's place more often. But still between 1 to 2 times each month. My fil's health is still bad. Was hospitalised.

Change maid for my mum. The new maid is slow and i prefer the old one. But the new maid is more tolerance and so far no major issue. Just that i have to tolerate complains from my mum. Frequently.

I started my detailed retirement plan. Started investing into stock, happy when there is dividend, unhappy when there is unrealised capital loss. But is ok, long way to go. Manage to save more money than i expected to save in 2013. Guess taking bus towards the end of the year makes abit of difference.

Study Japanese Intermediate. Took JLPTN4. Skipped Pre-advanced and jump to Advanced Class. My Japanese Teacher left SG for good, change to another teacher.

Meet up with friends often. I dun wanna to have a life with only my hubby.

Hi 2014, I hope things will be even better.

日曜日, 9月 01, 2013

My Weekly Affair.

My Sensei who used to only teach Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun class, has now an additional Class on Thursday.
I'm thankful for this. And i decided to switch to this class except for JLPT Prep Class.

Thursday is a good day. Even though i will be tired after lesson, but the next day is friday!

As a result, i have a new weekly schedule.

Monday & Tuesday : Friends meet-up Day! / Some Tuesday are Manicure Day.
Wednesday: Laundry Day
Thursday: JP Lesson Day
Friday: Special Meetup / Special Laundry Day / Parent & In-Law Day
Saturday: Home Clean Up Day
Sunday: Food Preparation + Herbal Tea Making Day!

Apart from exceptional cases, i'm trying not to give up my schedule.

This year, I have gave MAX5 5-saturdays to meet up to celebrate bdays. I really love MAX5. But it is really tough to give full Saturday.

Friends, if possible, i prefer to do regular meet-ups on Monday & Tuesday, and Special Meet-up like a celebration on any of Mon, Tue, Fri. Weekend are fine if over a span of a few hrs. I can give up certain days for certain ppl. Example, Delphine usually have her offs on Wed, so i can swap for her coz she has no other options. This is something that i can definitely give in. I can also throw in a full weekend for a super-fun-and-packed-activity-day-once-in-a-blue-moon.

水曜日, 6月 12, 2013


If only i had lesser stubbornness, i won’t be waking up that early.

Over the little unhappiness from the boss's statement, my stubbornness gave up my regular cab. This is because the regular cab can't reach that early. It usually reach my place at a later time, which means i will reach work later, and it means, i go home later too.

In fact, i used to believe that my boss think it is ok, but i think it is my pure assumption. Maybe becoz the senior did that so we followed. And the headquarter ppl were worst off.

But somehow, i'm not one who take criticism well. Esp when I thought all is ok. So when I realize it seem not, I tried one week to wake up earlier to reach work earlier. The 1st week was horrible, could be due to tiredness, I failed badly.

This week I tried again. Monday was nonsense, I ended up paying more than 25 bucks for taxi, and waited very long to get one. Today was ok, I had to pay $5.50 ERP in total. Tomorrow I shall try earlier, hopefully can drop my ERP to $5.

Anyone can intro a regular cab that picks me at 8AM? I would be glad to have one. 
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